Travel through time and history!

Enter one of the rooms of the Château de Bourdeilles and strap on a VR helmet, and be transported back to three pivotal periods in the history of the chateau. From its construction in 1284 and through the Knights Templar in 1307, you will find yourself in the middle of the Hundred Years War in 1369.

You will have to solve the puzzles one by one to escape.

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See you in the heart of medieval history! In the Middle Ages, the Château de Bourdeilles was a defensive fortress that was coveted by many greedy invaders. At a time when the bloody epics and conflicts between France and England were raging, Bourdeilles moved from the Kingdom of France to the crown of England before being finally liberated by the Knight, Sir Duguesclin.

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Through 3 high-flying missions, immerse yourself in the heart of the story! Participate first in the construction of a military fort specially designed to resist and protect Bourdeilles from invaders! Then plunge into 1307, in the heat of the turmoil between the Knights of the Order of the Temple and the King of France, and try to escape the dungeon by accessing hidden parts of the castle! You will finally be transported to 1369, when the chateau was under siege by the English troops of the Black Prince ... It will take finesse and great courage to repel your enemies!

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